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From: Nadlman, Jeff 

Sent: Friday, July 21, 2006 7:10 AM

To: Barth, Elizabeth A.

Subject: CVG Builders

Mr. Carlos Garcia

CVG Builders

July 21, 2006

Dear Carlos:

I would like to take this opportunity to express my sincere thanks for

you and your company's incredible approach to construction.

Because of you, Vanessa and your entire team we have had an incredibly

successful summer of construction.

As you know I am very new to Florida and the Miami area.  I feel blessed

that your company was referred to me. 

I have found each and every employee that I have come in contact with to

be polite, professional and well informed regarding the goals of each


You not only act as a construction agent but an advisor who is mindful

of my budgets and critically concerned about doing the job right.

The qualities I describe reflect an individual and a company that is not

just committed to begin known in the industry as good but "GREAT".

Since March of this year I will have spent nearly three million dollars

on behalf of my company and Florida International University.  It wasn't

until I met you and the CVG team did I begin to truly enjoy the

process.  You have made even the most difficult days of renovation


Your staff speaks only positively about their employer.  That is not all

that common this day and age.

I wish you much continued success and the opportunity to do many more

projects with you and CVG Builders.


Jeff Nadlman

Resident District Manager

ARAMARK/Florida International University

Jeff Nadlman, 

Resident District Manager | Florida International University |



July 20, 2011

Danny and your guys did a great job...

Gary Costales